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So I’ve been sitting on this gifset for a while, trying to think of how I want to parse this.

Maybe I’m following the wrong blogs, but I just do not see enough meta about Natasha’s story arc in this movie. This scene here is, to me, one of the three critical moments for Natasha that are the reasons she ends up being the one to release all of SHIELD’s data to the world.

As follows (quotes paraphrased as I don’t have the script):

  1. The first critical moment comes on the Lemurian Star, right after Batroc throws a grenade at her and Steve. They end up sitting on the floor and she says, “Okay, that one’s on me” and Steve replies “Damn right it is.” Her reaction to that isn’t disdain or frustration with Steve, it’s very clearly a form of disappointment — she’s upset with how Steve views her, his opinion of her. Sure, I’m reading a lot into that expression, but I think it is pretty masterful of ScarJo to show that side of Natasha in such an ambiguous way. The take-away here, however you want to describe it, is that Natasha’s unhappiness has less to do with being nearly blown up than with her working relationship with Steve. He doesn’t trust her, and that burns her.
  2. The above gif’d scene, where it’s clear that she’s pretty shocked and upset to hear Steve admit that previous to their current situation, he would NOT have trusted her. It’s a blow for her to realize just how she’s been perceived by those she’s given her complete trust and faith to. 
  3. The scene where Fury’s survival is revealed is the final one, where Natasha reacts as if to a body blow when she realizes that Fury didn’t trust her, but he did trust Maria Hill. Earlier when he was “dying” it was clear that she’s somehow emotionally attached to Fury, and whatever reason you want to concoct for that, the fact is that she clearly believed that he did trust her…but he didn’t. My opinion of her reaction shot at the reveal is that she’s not angry about it, she’s heartbroken.

What I believe this all points to is really well reflected in her line to Steve, “I don’t know everything, I just act like I do” (paraphrased), and then reiterated in the truck ride where she talks about being the person she needs to be, as opposed to who she is. 

In other words, Natasha is so good at being “whatever you need me to be” that it is exactly what the people who know her best expect of her, and accordingly don’t feel like she’s trustworthy because they don’t know the “real” her. Meanwhile she has been operating on the belief that they do know the real her and so therefore do trust her. 

It’s like…a double blind situation, where both parties aren’t privy to the truth, even though they think they are. Everyone up to and including Fury “knows” that Natasha is a spy and nothing she says can be trusted; Natasha “knows” that the people she trusts see through that mask and trust her in return because they know the real her. She goes around in this movie constantly surprised and disarmed by the fact that her closest friends/co-workers doubt her loyalty. 

So in the end, when Pierce is asking if she is ready for her past to be revealed, she is so fucking ready it hurts. She knows it is the right thing to do, but putting that on top of the experiences given above, it’s easy to see that she felt she had to do it for herself too. 

Can she be trusted? You’re damn right she can, and she was willing to burn down her entire world to prove that fact to the very people she thought knew it already.

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tbh I don’t see the fuss about having waiters/waitresses not being happy and enthusiastic like I came here to eat I didn’t come here to be amused by employees as long as I’m getting my food and they’re not being blatantly rude I don’t see why y’all need to go on yelp to rank a restaurant 0/5 and have an outburst on why your waitress didn’t smile at you when she poured you water

this is pretty fucking important

Requisite evangelizing: just gonna leave this here because it’s also fucking important you realize that “oh, I’m just going to not tip” is not a happy compromise instead of bashing them on Yelp — the US federal government only guarantees tipped workers (waiters, delivery people, etc.) $2.13 an hour and everything else is tips.  Yes, the store has to make up the difference to minimum wage if they get stiffed a lot, but ahahaha you are fooling yourself if you think the store is going to do that more than a few times before you’re let go (even though they understand that 90% of the time, low/non-tipping is not a performance issue but an asshole customer issue, they’ll use it as such when they need to cut labor or fire you for another reason).

In many states, tips are not extra for the smiling and schmoozing and dog-and-pony show, they just get us to minimum wage.

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“GamerGate also seems to have gained some steam, and some prominent support, from elements of the conservative political movement in the U.S. (including Adam Baldwin) who argue that the problems stem from the efforts of “social justice warriors” on the left, who want to destroy the rights of freedom-loving gamers. In that sense, it shares some DNA with the Tea Party or “birther” movements.”


How did GamerGate become a lightning rod for violence — and is social media helping or making it worse?

When you’re on the same side as Adam Baldwin, you’re on the wrong side.

(There is a 100% chance he uses this post as an excuse to have his mouthbreathing followers attack me, incidentally.)

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The Women of Defiance → Amanda Rosewater (played by Julie Benz)

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I did a lot of research and it’s a subject that’s really important to me,” Tatiana said, tears forming in her eyes. “Yeah, it just means a lot to me that we could tell that story. And you know, I’m not a trans actor so there is a political sort of situation there and it’s not the most ideal, but what our show does is it explores identity. And what better way to explore it than through a trans male? We don’t see trans men on screen very often at all. And, you know, the best thing for me was when we heard the response to Tony, which was very polarized. But the best thing about it is it opens up a debate, and it opens up a discussion, and it makes the subject relevant and important and present in people’s thoughts, regardless of how they felt about Tony, whether they felt represented, whether they didn’t understand—whatever it is, these stories need to be told and we need to talk about trans stories and we need to have them represented to the point where it’s just, it’s just a given and it’s not exceptional anymore and trans actors get to step up and play these parts as well in the same way cisgender people have been doing it for a while. I felt a responsibility but I felt a large amount of gratitude and—”

“Joy?” co-star Maria Doyle Kennedy offered.

“Fuck yeah, joy!” Tatiana said. “Totally.


- afterellen article  (via sarahcosima)

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Geometric space art.

Guys you don’t understand how awesome this is. This pattern happens everywhere. It happens on flowers and pinecones absolutely vegetables, it happens all around you. If you don’t think that’s like the realist shit ever i don’t understand you.

Representation of the apparent motion of the Sun and planets as seen from Earth. Encyclopaedia Britannica (1777) 






Geometric space art.

Guys you don’t understand how awesome this is. This pattern happens everywhere. It happens on flowers and pinecones absolutely vegetables, it happens all around you. If you don’t think that’s like the realist shit ever i don’t understand you.

Representation of the apparent motion of the Sun and planets as seen from Earth. Encyclopaedia Britannica (1777) 


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Cinematic masterpiece tbqh

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There’s thousands of notes on posts about how unfair it is that there isn’t a wonder woman movie and now that its been officially announced nobody is talking about it?

Like Can I get at least a hell yeah?

Thats because no one cares any more. Oh Great we’re gonna get a totally serious (No Jokes) movie about A Wonder Woman played by a model who looks like she lost a fight in a bronze factory. Plus there is no writer or anyting else announced so we have no faith that any effort so far will be put in the movie. (And Don’t get my started on the Pilot)

It’s actually nice to hear someone bring up her “model” build. I love Wonder Woman! I have so much of her merchandise strewn about my life, because she is one of a tiny-tiny, little representative group of female characters that has a similar body type to myself. She is tall and strong, she doesn’t have a fucking thigh gap because there is muscle there, muscle that can crush a dude like a nutcracker. I would argue that strong, tall (not lanky model, tall) women in media is one of the most under represent groups out there. To me, Wonder Woman is not even so much about ethnicity, nationality, or whatever it is that normally gets people talking. She has always been about physical strength. I’m pissed the fuck off that they couldn’t cast a statuesque, athletic build (not, tiny build but she’ll just go to the gym for a few months to bulk up) actor, that will represent us tall, athletic girls. I would like to fucking see feminine in my giant fucking form too!

You people will complain about anything. First of all, if you’re complaining about a thigh gap on someone who’s supposed to “Amazonian” you might as well complain that she has breasts since they generally didn’t. Also, your implication that there are not enough strong female characters is insulting, because there are a lot. I don’t get how as women you all demand feminism and equality but shit on each other first chance you get. Do you know how happy she most likely was to get that part and y’all are complaining because she is not a triathlete? Get off her jock, give her a chance and wait til the movie comes out before you start shitting on her.

i am fucking dying look at this shit.  hate women much?

you people, trying to derail somebody’s opinion with historical inaccuracy, unilaterally deciding that there are ~enough~ strong women in media and anyone who disagrees is insulting? that doesn’t even make sense, assuming women are a monolith and not allowed to disagree or dislike each other without invalidating wanting basic human equality and rights and stuff

But most importantly, and I see this all the time, how do people miss that frustration with the casting is not equal to a personal attack on the actress?  Nowhere did anyone say “man, I wish they’d cast someone else, because she is such a talentless cunt.”  This is how casting for media projects works when the decisions get released and it’s a character people already know and love: there’s feedback based on the visuals and past talent shown in other projects.  Look at any book->movie conversion and peep the fandom around casting time.  They so much as cast someone with the wrong eye color and people flip their shit toward the studio, so a completely wrong body type in a very physical character seems pretty significant.

(Personally, I’m WAY more concerned about the lack of back-end work on this project than the casting.  This project is far enough in the future that she could get more muscle mass if she committed (I’m not talking Hulk, but at least Xena-level); it’s just that that’s not what the studio is going to want.  Casting seems significant progress on a project, but when you don’t have scripts and directors, it’s very easy to just throw her in as a cameo in another movie and scrap this.)

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Here’s hoping.


Here’s hoping.

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kind of intense for a Silk commercial

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When people say they don’t want their kids ‘influenced’ by seeing homosexuality portrayed on tv, in books, in public, etc, what they’re really saying is ‘if my kid isn’t straight, I want them to be too uneducated to understand so they’ll be forced to stay in the closet and it doesn’t become my responsibility to face things that make me uncomfortable’

Truth bomb.

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